Putting You at the Center of Care

VillageMD understands the challenges and opportunities facing today’s physicians. Health care is changing, and with change comes opportunity. 

Never before have primary care physicians been in such a strong position to impact the lives of their patients, the health of their communities and the practices where they work. The ability to produce superior clinical results while managing population data and changing clinical workflows, all within a complex regulatory and administrative environment, will determine success.

Why Do Primary Care Physicians Turn to VillageMD?

With years of experience in value-based care programs, VillageMD brings the technology, capital and managed care contracts needed to be successful. Our track record includes group formation and IPA management, with demonstrated results in Medicare, Medicaid, and Commercial populations. We understand the importance of the physician/patient relationship. We work with you to deliver superior clinical results – not just in the exam room, but across the entire continuum of care.

Primary care physicians turn to VillageMD to provide the best for their patients, while streamlining their organization:

  • Build upon a physician-directed, patient-centered model of care
  • Retain your clinical independence
  • Create income through value-based health plan contracts AND equity ownership in your management company
  • Leverage national contracts and experience for local success
  • Access the capital and technology needed to be successful in value-based contracts
  • Rely on population health, care management, and care coordination strategies with a track record of success

Success in a Value-Based Health Care Environment

It’s an exciting time in health care today, as our system transitions from one that rewards for volume to one that rewards for value.

However, with today’s dynamic health care industry, increased regulations, technology requirements, administrative burdens, value-based contracts and shared savings incentives, it can be challenging to be a primary care physician today.

Now is the time to get back to what you love. VillageMD positions primary care practices for success in the next phase of health care, providing the support where it's needed to achieve positive patient outcomes and realize immediate returns in value-based contracts.