June 12, 2020


To our Village,


The past weeks have been difficult. What we have seen with our own eyes has confirmed what we already knew, that racism in our communities exists and can no longer be ignored. Just as important as what we have seen is what we have heard – that racism is not confined to a neighborhood, a socioeconomic class or a geography. Racism is pervasive. It impacts our colleagues every day - both at home and at work, and it is our collective problem to solve. As an organization, we will do more than just listen.  We will act.  We must stand with and support our Black friends, teammates, neighbors, and communities, because until we all acknowledge, affirm, and act like Black Lives Matter, all lives will in fact not matter.


VillageMD will not accept racism or discrimination of any kind, in our organization or within the communities we serve. We will speak out clearly to combat racism wherever we encounter it. We will strengthen our organization by including diverse points of view at all levels of the organization from people with diverse backgrounds.  We will invest in education, training, and community service so that we may use our hearts and hands to heal.  Above all, we will lead with our actions, our skills and our resources; to not only be part of the change, but to also show others what this change can bring.  


This journey of change will not be measured in tweets or posts, or days or months.  It will take years and decades, and what will start as a small trickle will ultimately become a rushing roar, full of care, compassion, and love.  We are committed to the hard work of realizing and sustaining this change.  Our 44th President, Barack Obama, summed it up beautifully by saying, “Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time.  We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.”


With great hope, I beg you to join me in this journey of change. 


Tim Barry

CEO, VillageMD