Tales from the Trenches: Tim Barry Speaking with Health Care Entrepreneurs at MATTER

[fa icon="calendar"] May 22, 2018 10:54:09 AM / by VillageMD

The U.S. spends more than 2.5 times as much on healthcare as most other developed nations in the world, yet our clinical outcomes are inferior. Tim Barry, co-founder and CEO of VillageMD, is out to change that — starting with your primary care provider.

Tim has spent his career building solutions that help primary care providers (PCPs) deliver better patient outcomes. During his first foray into healthcare, working at Blue Shield of California, Tim realized the critical importance of primary care — and the fact that PCPs were often left out of the equation when developing care solutions. Since then he has run an independent practice association, a $3 billion Medicare Advantage plan and a population health business.

Tim’s most recent company, VillageMD, connects patients in need of extra support with the right resources, so doctors can spend time doing what they do best. The company’s product enables PCPs to have a greater focus on proactive care, leading to better clinical outcomes and building a strong foundation for value-based care. Tim recently summed up VillageMD’s mission like this: "We wake up every day to support the people who commit their careers to helping a community of patients.”

The VillageMD platform currently serves more than 2,500 PCPs. In January, the company received $80 million from Athyrium Capital Management to enhance their technology and grow their geographical footprint. This raise is one of the largest digital health investments so far this year, and brings VillageMD’s total funding to more than $116 million.

To watch Tim's full interview from MATTER, click here


Written by VillageMD

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