VillageMD has partnered with the Houston-based high-performing primary care group Village Family Practice. Village Family Practice has been delivering high quality, cost effective care to its patients under risk-based arrangements for more than 20 years under the direction of President and VillageMD Co-Founder Dr. Clive Fields. It is now the second largest primary care group in Houston, with over 45 providers across 7 locations. VillageMD-Houston's clinical solution is built on many of the proven approaches at Village Family Practice.

3 Ways to Partner:

VillageMD-Houston currently works with more than 100 Houston-area primary care providers and has a range of partnership options including: participation in our clinically integrated network, comprehensive management services support, and full integration into Village Family Practice.

If you are in the Houston area and interested in learning more about VillageMD, contact us for information on how Village MD-Houston can help support you practice.


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President, Village Family Practice and Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer, VillageMD

I spend my days: Taking care of my patients with the data, resources, and clinical decision support that helps me provide better outcomes for my patients, while helping shape and execute VillageMD's vision for a better health care system.

My Experience: As President of Village Family Practice in Houston for more than 25 years, I spearheaded our participation in the 1990's Medicare Plus Choice program, a precursor to value-based programs. I parlayed my expertise as a clinical and physician executive to co-found VillageMD, and serve as CMO.


Vice President of Population Health Operations

I spend my days: Leading our operations in care management, quality, population health operations, physician engagement, and analytics efforts.

My Experience: I've spent over 10 years working in value-based care delivery for large health plans, integrated delivery systems, and directly with independent primary care providers. These experiences have shown me what does and doesn't work in population health efforts, so that we can have a better approach.


Director of Population Health Operations

I spend my days: Facilitating collaboration between primary care providers and support staff to enable successful practice performance and working in partnership with clinical care teams to identify population trends and opportunities to directly impact local patient population outcomes.

My Experience: I am a licensed Nurse and Certified Coder with 12 years of experience in clinical roles with a focus on Quality Metrics, Care Management, and Medicare Risk Adjustment Coding.


Director of Population Health Operations

I spend my days: Collaborating with Village team members and local primary care providers through the delivery of analytic and operational capabilities that directly impact the management of our population.

My Experience: Having held strategic roles in both the payor and independent provider settings. I have experience in the development and implementation of best practices focused on engaging physician organizations in value-based accountable care and population health.


Market President, Houston


Director of Care Management

I spend my days: Coordinating care between our high acuity patients, their nurses, and providers. The goal is to provide holistic wellness education and coordination of care to our high-risk patients who require multiple medical and social services by using medical and nursing evidence-based practice guidelines.

My Experience: I have been a Registered Nurse for over 25 years and a Certified Case Manager since 1997. I have extensive work experience in the hospital setting, the payor environment, and primary care.


Director of Nursing

I spend my days: Working with physicians and our population health team to identify, implement and train nursing best practices.  I educate clinical support staff about value based care and quality to ensure they provide the proper support to patients and providers.

My Experience: In my 30+ years as a RN I have worked as a leader in multiple settings including women’s health, ambulatory care and home health. Working with VillageMD-Houston and primary care allows me to contribute to our patients’ wellness and decrease the complexity of the healthcare system to help ensure high quality care.  


Director of Business Development

I spend my days: Working with independent primary care providers to explore opportunities to partner together with VillageMD. I help these physicians to understand the complexities of the ever changing healthcare market, including payer reform, economic impact, and market intelligence.

My Experience: I've spent my career working with providers to help improve the delivery of health care. Through improved data and analytics, operational insights, and overall strategic planning, I have seen each group achieve success.


Pharmacy Director

I spend my days: Running the pharmacy operations and helping physicians understand the complexity of their patients' multiple drug therapies, its associated compounding cost to patients and to payers, and the resulting effect on adherence and quality outcomes.

My Experience: I have spent the majority of my career as a community-based pharmacist, interacting with patients, physicians, and payers. These experiences has helped me understand that we begin to perform and deliver better care as we close the gap in communication between the patient, the physician, and the pharmacy.


Chief Financial Officer, VillageMD Houston

I spend my days: Supporting healthcare providers and staff with the data and workflow analysis necessary to improve efficiency, reduce unnecessary work and harness the most value out of every provider-patient encounter.

My experience: Prior to joining VillageMD, I spent my career engaging healthcare’s various stakeholders through performance management, process design and strategic planning alongside some of the industry’s greats, including Houston Methodist and Memorial Hermann.


Vice President of Operations

I spend my days: Leading our clinic operations with a focus on the patient experience. We want our patients to know they are not just a number, but part of our family.  My primary responsibility is to make every contact with each of our team members as positive and welcoming as possible.

My experience: I have spent the past 20 years in practice operations, helping to build Village Family Practice from 6 physicians to now more than 40 providers. The continued focus on the patient experience and our ability to maintain VFPs reputation while growing to a regional support network of providers is a testament to our dedication to the medical profession.  


Operations Manager

I spend my days: Preparing and helping our new provider partner practices successfully transition to value-based care for better clinical and cost outcomes. 

My experience: My career in healthcare administration has consisted of experience in a variety of environments including large scale hospitals, academic medical centers, and multi-specialty clinic systems. I find it very special that my roles in Operations Management and the projects I’ve managed have allowed me to be on the ground floor and see the impact we are helping providers make on the delivery of health care in my home town of Houston.