What changes in my practice:

VillageMD works to integrate as seamlessly as possible with your practice. Instead of getting in the way, we add resources that enable physicians to care for patients the way you've always wanted.

What doesn't change:

You'll continue to have close, one-on-one relationships with your patients, just with more support.

Physicians can expect:

  • Best-in-class analytics
  • Increased FFS revenue
  • Information at the point-of-care to improve quality metrics and risk acuity
  • Access to cognitive and clinical ancillaries
  • Patient stratification
  • Practice going from zero high-risk patients in care management to 70% of identified patients in care management
The bottom line:
The main change you can expect is you'll always have someone behind you to help you better understand your patients – who is sick, where they've been, and most importantly, how you can help improve their outcomes.