Results in Value-Based Health Care

In a value-based world, success means high-quality health care at the most efficient total cost. The VillageMD model has worked across different patient populations, multiple geographies, and countless physician organizations to drive results. We unleash the potential of your networks through a primary care-led model that proactively engages patients and other providers across the care continuum.

Results-Driven Collaboration

Having led large health plans, VillageMD understands the challenges associated with engaging physicians to change the way they deliver care, as well as determining fact from fiction when it comes to sustainable results on quality and cost. Our approach is laser-like and simple. Incentivized and supported primary care physicians will deliver improvements on quality and cost regardless of market, provider structure, or population.

How we drive results in managing populations:

  • Stratifying all patients utilizing claims, EMR, biometric, social, self, and physician-reported data, both structured and unstructured
  • Targeting the highest risk through a continuous engagement cycle that addresses the appropriate clinical or logistical barrier to better health management
  • Ensuring physicians understand the economic hardships placed on their patients by certain referral decisions
  • Ensuring patients get what they need, where they need it, and not just around the physician’s schedule