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VillageMD's new ad aims to shatter healthcare marketing norms

Oct 30, 2023 2:08:36 PM | News VillageMD's new ad aims to shatter healthcare marketing norms

VillageMD is running an ad titled "FACTORY," which differs from the traditional norms of typical healthcare marketing, Ellen Donahue-Dalton, chief marketing officer of the company, told MM+M.

The ad, which vividly portrays healthcare professionals being forcibly pulled away from crucial patient interactions due to their demanding schedule, is meant to tell a new narrative compared to the conventional one found in healthcare, which represents success and positivity, according to Ms. Donahue-Dalton. 

"We realized that we needed to have a new way for people to feel," she told the publication. "We had to move away from the old tired themes of care and you know, friendly doctors and friendly nurses when the reality that most older adults face now could not be any further from those themes," she told the publication. 

So, VillageMD decided to tell the story of the physician dilemma in which they aren't able to coordinate care in the way that they need.