VillageMD's Chief Medical Officer and Co-Founder Clive Fields, MD Speaks to What We can Learn from the First 50 Houston-Area COVID-19 Cases

[fa icon="calendar"] Mar 20, 2020 5:04:29 PM / by VillageMD

The Houston Chronicle spoke with Houston-area physicians involved with the first fifty cases of COVID-19 in the Houston area. VillageMD's Chief Medical Officer and Co-Founder Clive Fields, MD was among those who provided insight.

Across the first fifty local cases, only twenty patients are aged 60 to 80. The youngest patient is somewhere between the ages of 15-25. Four others are in their 20s, five are in their 30s, thirteen are in their 40s, and eight are in their 50s. “That feels like the kind of dispersion we’re likely to see,” said Dr. Clive Fields, chief medical officer of VillageMD. “I think we all believe the more severe patients are going to be the elderly, comorbid patients, but the worst message is this is somehow not a big deal for kids — my kids’ friends in that age group in their 20s.”

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Written by VillageMD

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