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VillageMD Expands Point-of-Care Pharmacy

Jan 15, 2019 8:57:56 AM | VillageMD Expands Point-of-Care Pharmacy

VillageMD Expands Point-of-Care Pharmacy, ConnectCareRx

VillageMD Expands its Point-of-Care Pharmacy to Offer a One-Stop Shop Primary Care Model

ConnectCareRx Enhances Patient Experience and Helps Providers Deliver More Convenient, Coordinated Care to Improve Quality and Cost 


January 15, 2019 (Chicago, Ill.)  VillageMD, a leading national provider of primary care, is expanding its point-of-care pharmacy, ConnectCareRx, to help its provider partners deliver more convenient, coordinated care, leading to better outcomes at lower costs. ConnectCareRx has recently opened in Western Kentucky to serve communities across the region.


VillageMD established its first pharmacy in 2014 in partnership with its Houston-based, national flagship practice, which is consistently recognized by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) for its exceptional performance. Unlike traditional pharmacies, VillageMD’s ConnectCareRx pharmacists are integrated members of the patient’s care team so clinicians can better coordinate and manage medication treatment plans to keep patients adherent to their regimen. This model helps to provide comprehensive and chronic care management, without leaving the practice.


“By optimizing the role of the pharmacy team, VillageMD is helping to better manage and coordinate treatment planning between patient, pharmacy and providers all under one roof, which is critical to keeping patients as healthy as possible,” said Clive Fields, Chief Medical Officer, VillageMD. “We can also now help our provider partners capture and access key patient insights from pharmacy data so they can intervene preemptively to improve medication adherence or make adjustments that help reduce unnecessary and costly medical services.”


ConnectCareRx patients receive personalized services, including medication therapy management consultations, at-home medication delivery and reconciliation, and are enrolled in a medication sync program led by an RxCoach, who helps process all medication refills together and address issues that may arise. Importantly, all pertinent information during these patient encounters is relayed to the primary care provider, so a complete and up-to-date picture of the patient’s medication profile is available at the point-of-care.


Using VillageMD’s point-of-care pharmacy, partner providers in Houston have consistently improved medication adherence as compared to the state average across all patient populations. The pharmacy is consistently ranked as a five-star pharmacy with average adherence scores over 90% across all adherence metrics.


“ConnectCareRx provides the personalized, convenient care patients need to help stay on track with their treatment plan and offers a 360-degree approach that we know drives the best outcomes,” said Tim Barry, Chief Executive Officer, VillageMD. “The expansion of ConnectCareRx is an exciting next step in VillageMD’s mission to provide the comprehensive services and technology innovation critical to helping primary care physicians deliver the best care and value, which benefits everyone.”


VillageMD has grown to include more than 2,500 physicians across eight markets, and is responsible for approximately 500,000 lives and $2.8 billion in health care spending.



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Written By: VillageMD