VillageMD-Chicago Partners with Alivio Medical Center

Dec 13, 2017 9:34:31 AM | VillageMD-Chicago Partners with Alivio Medical Center

VillageMD-Chicago Partners with Alivio Medical Center

Chicago (Dec. 13, 2017) VillageMD, a national provider of primary care, announces a partnership with Alivio Medical Center, a large, multi-site medical clinic that provides high quality and cost-effective care to underserved communities in Chicago. This partnership contributes to VillageMD’s rapid expansion across Chicago through partnerships with over 150 providers in more than 50 locations. VillageMD helps its provider partners deliver solutions and services that improve clinical outcomes, enhance patient and physician satisfaction, and lower the total cost of care.


The VillageMD network now serves 2,500 primary care physician partners across six states, making it one of the fastest growing independent primary care provider networks in the U.S.


“Alivio’s mission is to offer the high quality, affordable care that underserved communities in Chicago deserve, and our partnership with VillageMD is helping us more quickly expand and evolve so we can best meet the changing needs of our patients,” said Esther Corpuz, chief executive officer, Alivio Medical Center. “We are proud to be one of Chicago’s few grassroots, independent community health centers. VillageMD helps us maintain the clinical autonomy we believe is essential to best serve our communities by providing access to additional revenue channels, like value-based arrangements, which reward our physicians for delivering great patient care and support overall growth.”


VillageMD-Chicago provider partners will leverage VillageMD’s data analytics, physician-based care coordination, and on-the-ground support resources, all of which have demonstrated significantly greater clinical improvements at a lower total cost of care. VillageMD’s clinical care model also aids its physician partners in providing more personalized attention, education, and support to patients via integrated care teams of health coaches, diabetes educators, pharmacists, and resource coordinators to address patients’ medical, emotional and social needs.


“VillageMD is committed to providing the right tools, resources and support that Alivio and all of our provider partners need to practice medicine the way they always wanted,” said Patrick Sorrentino, president, VillageMD-Chicago.  “Our high-value approach fosters higher-value, more affordable primary care for all patients and unlocks a provider’s greatest potential to secure revenue that they can reinvest in their practice to stay competitive and grow.”


VillageMD’s model has been shown to improve clinical outcomes and lower the total cost of care in chronic disease populations, like diabetes. The American Diabetes Association reports that 12% of the adult population of Illinois suffers from diabetes, and minorities are 50% more likely to suffer from the disease. At VillageMD affiliated practices, diabetes patients have a 93 percent medication adherence rate; hemoglobin A1c control is 63 percent higher, potentially preventable admissions rates are 36 percent lower, and the total cost of their care tracks more than 20 percent lower as compared to the community standard.


VillageMD’s value-based model of care is proven to drive results across multiple markets and across all patient populations – commercial, Medicare, Medicare Advantage and Medicaid. Practices that have adopted VillageMD’s patient-centric approach have been recognized by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services for high quality and high-performance metrics, such as the following: admissions and readmissions rates 20 to 45 percent lower than the community, Medicare costs 20 to 45 percent lower than the community, and commercial costs 15 to 20 percent lower than the community. 


About VillageMD:

VillageMD is a leading national primary care provider supporting physicians moving toward a primary care-led, high-value clinical model. VillageMD delivers data analytics, a physician practice-based care coordination model, leading technology, and on-the-ground support resources to make improvements at the point of care, resulting in high quality clinical outcomes across all markets and all patient populations.  VillageMD also provides access to value-based reimbursement contracts that reward physicians for delivering high quality, cost effective care. VillageMD works with physician groups, independent practice associations, and health systems to improve quality, deliver a first-rate patient experience, and lower total medical costs in the communities they serve.


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Written By: VillageMD